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Trap's [Verified Cracker] Application


Sep 16, 2018
Time online
4h 8m
I'm aware I'm still a bit new here, I'm still gonna give it a shot though ;)

1. Why do you want to be a Verified Cracker?
I'd like to be a verified cracker because I've been cracking for years, although I've not been on the scene for a minute, I'm just now coming back and I feel like this is a great community to learn/share from.
2. Show proof of configs created & or accounts cracked
https://crackingcentral.com/threads/x10-hulu-accounts.831/ Here's an example of what I've gotten since I started back last night, and this is what I've chosen to share thus far. I don't create configs, cracking is more of my thing, but I've cracked literally thousands over the years, and there's more to come trust me.
3. What kind of sites do you crack? (porn, file hosting, other)

I don't specify in what I crack. I do whatever I feel is profitable - I've done Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Origin, Starwoods, Subway, Dominos, and definitely more that I'm forgetting. Pretty much everything that's popping that people want accounts for, or that I can liquidate money out of.
4. Have you released content on any other similar kind of forums?

Yup, I was an active member of Leakforums before it died down - 700rep/80 vouches, I dropped some accounts here and there but mostly to friends and a lot of times in a Skype SentryMBA group I was active in.
5. Are you currently a ranking member on any other forums?

Yes. I am a Sponsor on Leakforums, fully upgraded.
6. Any other info you would like to include?

Nope, have a nice day.