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Apr 25, 2018
First Step: IP's
You need to gather a list of possible RDP servers, and it might sound crazy, but it isn't that hard. You have a few options here, using nMap (more broad and faster search), or using AngryIP Scanner. AngryIP scanner is great at scanning certain ranges within IP's, and reporting back which IP's had open port 3389 (default RDP port). The one pain in the ass though, is that you can't really export the IP's from AngryIP Scanner, so takes a little longer.

Going to nMap route:
1. Run the setup (You will get a weird error near the end, just hit ok)
2. Run the Scanner.bat file, it will open up 2 cmd prompts. These basically scan tons of ip ranges and check if they have the open port 3389, and reports back in the results.txt file. 
3. Just sit on it overnight, you will get PLENTY of IP's (~4k).

Going AngryIP route:
1. This one is a tad bit more complicated, letting you know now. Simply double click to open it up. 
2. On the top bar, hit tools, then preferences. A window should popup. 
3. On the first page (Scanning) set your thread amount (300 is good), as well as setting your ping timeout to 3. Also tick the "Skipping" box so it has a checkmark in it.
4. On the next tab, you need to change the port timeout to 50. This makes sure that it doesn't take too long checking ports (as you want fast RDP's). In the port selection box, delete whatever was in it and add 3389 to it. 
5. Next in the display tab, click the "Hosts with open ports" option, for obvious reasons. 
6. Hit ok, then you will get back to the main window. Click where it says "IP file", and change to IP range. Put in your custom range you want to scan.

Second Step: Cracking
1. Open up dat sexy DuBrute
2. Click the Config button. Change the threads lower if you have a bad pc, higher if you have a great one.
3. Change the try connections to 50 (lower if shitty internet), change the timeout to 5.
4. Now hit the generation button. First you need to add the IP's, so navigate to where your results.txt were when you scraped IP's.
5. Next is the usernames, which should be included in your dubrute file. 
6. This part is more customizable, adding the passwords. You can either use a list from my "goodcombo" file included in the RDPCracking.rar, or you can use the MASSIVE password list in the dubrute folder.
7. Hit Make. and once it's done hit exit. Now hit start and you're off.

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