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sqli dmper

  1. MatthewSky

    What is your favorite cracking normal accounts method? (ex. spotify, minecraft etc)

    I want to hear your favorite method. Let me know by commenting on this thread. I will start, The only way i know so far is dorks and sqli dumper way :P but im slowly learning other ways.
  2. hollywood


    Hidden content Modified to work faster and more efficient.
  3. Meowtit

    SQLI Dumper Tutorial. How to get combos. Tutorial By Meowtit

    TABLE OF CONTENTS. Downloading and Installing SQLI Dumper. Proxies Dorks SQLI Dumper, Online Scanner SQLI Dumper, Exploiting SQLI Dumper Injecting SQLI Dumper Dumping Summation Hidden content Any questions or I got something wrong message me on Discord @ Meowtit#1653