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  1. M

    What is your favorite cracking normal accounts method? (ex. spotify, minecraft etc)

    I want to hear your favorite method. Let me know by commenting on this thread. I will start, The only way i know so far is dorks and sqli dumper way :P but im slowly learning other ways.
  2. nessa

    SentryMBA Cracking Tool + 1025 configs

    Sentry MBA 1.4.2 with 1025 configs in the snapshots folder. I'll write a Sentry tutorial if you guys want but its pretty easy to use and there are already a buncha tutorials out there, might even be a few on this forum. -=Stripped Content=- Enjoy cracking :)
  3. nessa

    Blaze cracker cracked

    Blaze cracker + 45 installed configs. Download: Hidden contentHidden content
  4. nessa

    Sqli dumper v9.6

    Latest version of SQLi Dumper. Download: Hidden content
  5. nessa

    Spotify checker v0.2 by x-slayer

    Captures Subscription type, renewal, and country. Support for proxies Download link: -=Stripped Content=-
  6. nessa

    Dork searcher ez + antipublic

    Download link: -=Stripped Content=-