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  1. nessa

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] 500 BLACK BULLET CONFIGS

    Includes more than 500 black bullet configs. If you want to use in the latest BB version, just use the .ini to .bbc conversion tool that comes with Black Bullet v2.1.6 Enjoy cracking ;) -=Stripped Content=-
  2. jaqen

    Black Bullet [2.1.6] Domino's (US) proxyless/capture config

    Hidden content
  3. Meowtit

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] DollarShaveClub API [Capture]

    Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Subscriptions Status, Subscriptions Quantity, Subscriptions Frequency, Product, Wallet Balance Recommended Bots: 100-150 Last checked: 2018-10-15 Software: BlackBullet Download Hidden content Capture Preview
  4. jaqen

    Blackbullet 2.1.6 cracked

    removed, this version is broken you wont be able to import proxies without proxy it is useless here is 2.0.2 https://crackingcentral.com/threads/blackbullet-better-then-sentry-mba-snipr.890/
  5. Meowtit

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] Skipthedishes [CAPTURE] [CARDS] [POINTS]

    Combo Type: EMAIL Proxies: Yes Bots: 100 Last Tested: 2018-09-01 Additional Information: Not sure about which location it can be used, might be Canada. POINTS: 100 = $1 Capture: -=Stripped Content=-[/HIDEREPLY]']
  6. Meowtit

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] Staples.com [Proxyless] [Capture] [Cards] [Rewards]

    Combo Type: EMAIL Proxies: No Bots: 1 Last Tested: 2018-09-01 Additional Information: Captures some useless stuff. Please let me know whats best to capture. Should be proxyless(Tested with 1 bot cracking) Also probably US only. Hidden content Capture: -=Stripped Content=-
  7. Meowtit

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] romwe.com [Capture] [Wallet] [Points]

    Combo Type: EMAIL Proxies: Yes Bots: 100 Last Tested: 2018-09-30 Additional Information: Female Shopping Site Capture: -=Stripped Content=-
  8. Meowtit

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] Papaya Play [Proxyless] [Capture]

    Combo Type: USERNAME Proxies: Yes Bots: 100 Last Tested: 2018-09-29 Additional Information: Captures: BlackShot SEA Gem, BlackShot GLB Gem, Uncharted Waters Cash, La Tale Cash, War Rock Cash, Dekaron Cash Capture: -=Stripped Content=-
  9. Meowtit

    How to crack using BlackBullet & General Blackbullet knowledge [IMG/TXT]

    How to crack using BlackBullet. Table of contents. Download and install Wordlists Bruteforcer General knowledge. Bruteforcer Tab Scheduler Tab Proxy Tab Wordlists Tab Configs Tab Hits DB Tab Hidden content Any questions join the discord. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers...
  10. jaqen

    Black Bullet [2.0.2] AQWorlds Config w/Cap

    Run with 60 Bots or MORE.... Needs Good Http proxies (Test First against sites login) If it was useful to you press that like button -=Stripped Content=-
  11. Meowtit

    How to make Blackbullet Configs.

    Since people don't realise documentation is supplied with Blackbullet i'm making this thread. https://mega.nz/#F!IQwDzYKL!JY7z_q8YcggNoNgbv_TNzQ